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Are barnacles, muscles and other hard-shell growth damaging your paint?

Have your sacrificial zinc anodes been forgotten and now your running gear and propeller are corroding?


Boat Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning service includes cleaning the hull from the bootstripe to the bottom of the keel, rudders, props, shafts, trim-tabs and all other running gear, thru-hulls and transducers. Hull cleaning invoices include a condition report, describing the condition of the anti fouling paint, running gear, anodes, thru-hulls and transducers, etc.

**PRICES BELOW ARE FOR REGULARLY CLEANED VESSELS WITH GOOD BOTTOM PAINT. Boats that are heavily fouled are subject to higher rates.

Sailing Race
Yacht Motorboat


Starting at

$4.00 per foot

Power Boats

Starting at

$5.00 per foot


Starting at

$4.50 per foot


Starting at

$5.00 per foot

How often should my boat hull be cleaned?

Cleaning the hull often means using the softest cleaning pads which makes your anti fouling paint last longer. Neglecting hull cleaning means more abrasive brushes and scraping tools will need to be used when you finally do get it cleaned. The ideal cleaning for your paint in the San Francisco Bay Area is every 2 months. This ensures your bottom paint job can last three years or more, as opposed to only two years with infrequent and harsh cleaning.


But let's take a look at the math for a 36' sailboat over 10 years:

painted every 3 years

2 Month Cleaning

$3000 bottom paint job x 3 = $9,000

$108 hull cleaning (6 times/year x 10) = $6,480

Total Cost over 10 years = $15,480

3 Month Cleaning

painted every 2 years

$3000 bottom paint job x 5 = $15,000

$108 hull cleaning (4 times/year x 10) = $4,320

Total Cost over 10 years = $19,320

Total Savings of $3,840!

Want to see what waiting 3 months looks like?

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