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Boat Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning service includes cleaning the hull from the bootstripe to the bottom of the keel, rudders, props, shafts, trim-tabs and all other running gear, thru-hulls and transducers. Hull cleaning invoices include a condition report, describing the condition of the anti fouling paint, running gear, anodes, thru-hulls and transducers, etc.

Sailing Race
Yacht Motorboat


$3.75 per foot

Power Boats

$4.75 per foot


$4.25 per foot


$4.75 per foot

*Boats 45 feet and longer have custom pricing. Call or email for more details.

Anode Replacement

Sacrificial anodes are key to boat maintenance. These anodes are used to protect the expensive submerged metal parts of your boat. Sacrificial anodes work by oxidizing more quickly than the metal it is protecting, being consumed completely before the other metal reacts with the electrolytes. Anodes should be replaced when they are reduced by 50%.


Standard or common anode installations are $15 each plus the cost of the anode, if installed during hull cleaning. Contact us for custom anode installation quote. $100 minimum without hull cleaning for up to 3 anodes.

Underwater Photography

We're happy to provide commercial inspections and underwater photos and videos. Before and after videos are provided complimentary with hull cleaning. $100 minimum with commercial inspections.

Salvage and Recovery

Need help finding something dropped in a marina? Let us assist using our diving and metal detecting equipment. We can immediately respond to all emergency situations. Contact us for an estimate.

Propeller Service

Installation and removal of fixed, folding and feathering propellers. Contact us for custom estimate.

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